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Student Care Center

The Centers will facilitate the growth and development of students with respect for the individual, cultural, and spiritual differences of all.

The Mission of “The Centers” on campus is to provide all students a
confidential therapeutic environment where they can decompress, receive
situational support, psycho-educational interventions and, when beneficial,
links to mental health care.

The Center staff will be available to students on campuses daily 10-4, after school
hours, weekends, and during vacations byway of the CENTER’S designated cell phone,
and/or by directly contacting FSA. A clinical emergency occurring afterhours is best
directed to local medical professionals or the Burbank Police Department Mental Health
Evaluation Team.



FSA’s Wellness Center at Burbank High School



FSA’S Wellness Center at Burroughs High School

Counseling for Individuals (Youth, Teen & Adults), Couples, Families and Groups

A counseling session at Family Service Agency of Burbank is a private and confidential partnership between you and your counselor.  You will be encouraged to explore the challenges in your life, understand why you may be having these challenges, and trained to develop skills for coping with these issues.  The personal insight you will receive is designed to give you hope, acceptance, confidence, empowerment, stress relief and overall emotional wellness.  FSA of Burbank offers individual counseling as well as couples, family counseling and group support services for our community’s youth and teens.  Please call us at 818-845-7671 to make an appointment.


School-Based Youth Outreach Program

Burbank Unified School District

If you or your child attends school at one of Burbank Unified School District’s elementary, middle school, or high school campuses, you may receive support with a Family Service Agency of Burbank counselor directly on campus.  Common issues among students include the emotional effects of bullying, isolation, grief, family issues, dating, physical or verbal abuse, peer pressure, alcohol or drug use, communication problems and self-esteem issues.  There are many other problems for which you may benefit by talking to one of our FSA of Burbank counselors at your school.

To receive support a student will have a BUSD referral, parent authorization, and will complete an initial assessment with an FSA clinician. Counseling services are provided one-on-one and/or in a group setting.


Transitional Housing

Family Service Agency of Burbank serves the community through three unique Transitional Housing Programs providing 24-hour care to families fleeing domestic violence, homeless families and homeless youth. They include The Care Cottages, Home Front and Linden House.

The CARE Cottages at Puerta Nueva

Families who are fleeing domestic violence may have an opportunity to live their dreams of a safe and nurturing environment at The CARE Cottages.  Families who qualify will stay in our cottage residences while they heal from the trauma of domestic abuse and seek a violence-free life. Each family will have a support provider who will assist all members of the family to identify personal, educational and career goals, and the steps required to achieve those goals.  Participants receive individualized intensive services specially designed to rebuild their lives peacefully, move beyond the violence, and achieve self-sufficiency.  If you are experiencing domestic violence, we urge you to call Family Service Agency of Burbank immediately at (818) 845-7671.

Home Front

There are many reasons why families with children may become homeless.  Home Front is a residential program where homeless families may be provided a safe and secure place to live within a carefully designed treatment plan to help rebuild their lives.  With the ultimate goal of becoming self-sufficient again, families will work with support providers to address the issues that led to their homelessness.  The intensive program includes learning how to take personal responsibility, set goals, honor commitments and value relationships.  If you would like information about applying for Home Front, please call Family Service Agency of Burbank at (818) 845-7671.

Linden House

A teen who is “emancipated” means they have been given legal control to assume all the responsibilities of adult life.  For minors who have become emancipated from their parents for various reasons, including young adults who have outgrown the foster system, and those fleeing abuse or neglect, FSA’s Linden House provides a healthy living space and the support they will need to successfully face responsibilities that may be beyond their years.  These young adults will participate in an individualized program designed to empower them with life skills for a healthy path to accomplishing their dreams.  To learn how to apply, please call Family Service Agency of Burbank at (818) 845-7671.

Parenting Classes & Community Education

Parenting Classes:  To enroll or view a schedule of classes provided by Family Service Agency of Burbank, please call (818) 845-7671

Raising Successful Children

Level (1) This is a parent-driven support group for parents dealing with situational, age appropriate, parent-child challenges and conflicts.

Level (2) This is a 26-week curriculum-supported parenting experience. Most participating parents have experienced some form of community intervention. Reports are provided to the referring agency to document each adult’s participation, comprehension, and demonstrated ability to transfer their knowledge to real life.

Level (3) This is a 52-week Child Abuser’s Treatment Program designed to meet L.A. County Probation Department requirements. Most adults enrolled in this program are mandated for treatment due to endangerment, neglect, or abuse of a minor. Reports and recommendations will document each adult’s participation, comprehension, and demonstrated ability to transfer their knowledge to real life.


Co-parenting usually refers to two people sharing responsibility for children after their relationship as a couple has ended. For adults with children who have separated or divorced, and are sharing the responsibility of raising a child, co-parenting classes help parents navigate this often difficult path, while keeping the child’s best interests at heart.  This is a class for separated, divorced, divorcing or never married parents, and is provided individually, in class, as a couple, or as a family treatment,  Co-parenting support is also highly recommended for newly established legal guardians, parenting grandparents and siblings, and step-parents who are unsure of their roles. We recommend that parents attend together to make the learning process more effective, and so that all parents involved in a child’s well-being are receiving and discussing the same information.


Community Education

Family Service Agency of Burbank is always prepared to provide dynamic clinical workshops in our community on critical issues facing our youth, families and community.  We have over 65 professionals on staff including psychologists, therapists, registered art therapists, educations, special educators, certified intervention specialists and certified advocates.  Please call us at (818) 845-7671 to arrange for a speaker or workshop.

Art, Play and Sound Therapy

Art Therapy

Sometimes it’s hard to talk about what’s really on our minds.  But creating art can be a very visual and comforting way to express your feelings.  Art therapy is the use of art making by our clients who are experiencing illness, effects of trauma, stress, or challenges in living, and by our clients who are seeking personal growth.  At Family Service Agency of Burbank, art therapy is supervised by our  professionals and used with a variety of populations–most often with our youth, but also with the retired community, those with autism spectrum disorder, the chronically ill, and those experiencing trauma or loss. In more than 60 years using art in therapy at FSA of Burbank, we have found it helps clients with everything from gaining awareness, increasing self-acceptance, and processing difficult emotions. We are very proud of the beautiful works of art from our clients that grace many areas of our building, as well as on our website.

Play Therapy

Children often have a difficult time expressing their feelings, especially when they are troubled.  Play is fundamental in everyone’s lives, but children especially enjoy fun activities, toys and pets.  Family Service Agency of Burbank’s Play Therapy program allows children to play out scenarios and issues that may be distressing to them, and gives them hope as to what their future might be.   It can also stimulate their creative thinking, resolve areas of anxiety, increase their self-expression, and teach coping skills.  Supervised by our licensed therapists, children are allowed to work through many of their emotional issues through enjoyable activities in a safe, secure, and fun environment.

Sound Therapy

Sound is an essential component of our lives, but many of us take it for granted. What we hear is a result of an auditory system that is connected to most of our major organs, resulting in a mind and body connection.  FSA’s Samonas Sound Therapy is a program that gives us another window to the inner world of our clients.  It uses music, voice and nature sounds to help the mind and body achieve relaxation and stress reduction, positivity, and mental focus in order to achieve greater success in the areas of learning ability, motivation, attention, coordination, memory, organization, language, coordination and communication.


Monitored Visitation & Safe Exchange

Family Service Agency realizes that many relationships undergo periods when it is just not healthy to have both parties in the same room.  We also strongly believe that most parents do not intentionally harm their children physically or emotionally.  Most importantly, we believe every child deserves to have safe contact with an absent parent or family member and not feel pressure or fear.  FSA Supervised Visitation allows parents in high-conflict situations to maintain caring contact and communication with their children in our facility’s warm and safe environment, supervised by one of our parent education professionals.  The supervised visits will also provide support to the parents in order to establish a loving and lasting relationship with their children.  Safe Exchange allows the monitored visitation to be arranged by a responsible neutral party, such as an FSA representative, so there does not have to be contact between dissenting parents before, during, or after the visit.

FSA is a member of the National Supervised Visitation Network.


Batterer’s Intervention Program

52-week Batterer’s Intervention Program

Approved by the LA County Probation Department

The 52-week Batterer’s Intervention Program is for couples who have experienced domestic violence, want to prevent future violence, and learn to have a loving relationship. Most participants have been involved in an intervention or have been referred by law enforcement, but these classes are open to anyone who struggles with this issue. The program is designed to help the perpetrator in the relationship identify abusive behaviors, unlearn those behaviors and learn alternative and healthy forms of expression. Participants in this program will also learn more about the impact of abuse on themselves, their partners and their community. Reports are provided to the referring agency, and participants are assessed on their comprehension of the material as well as their ability to put what they’ve learned into practice.

After CARE Group

Created by client request – This group allows those who have met all the requirements for completion of our FSA 52-week Batterers Intervention Program to expand and practice new decision-making in a less structured group. All participants are self-referred. Reports are not required.

After Care Batterer’s Intervention Group

After meeting all the requirements of the 52-week Batterers Intervention Program, individuals may voluntarily participate in the After Care Batterer’s Intervention Group to help expand what they’ve learned in a less structured group.