About Us

Family Service Agency of Burbank is a 501(C)3 non-profit social service agency dedicated to providing quality mental health care for all and eliminating domestic violence, suicide, and all other forms of interpersonal violence, as well as preventing homelessness and serving our respected veterans and their families.

We provide critical life-changing, and often life-saving, counseling and preventive services in our Burbank agency, on 18 Burbank school campuses, and in 3 residential treatment facilities.  We treat youth, teens, adults, couples and families, in individual, group, and school-based environments.  We are committed to providing your and your family’s care in safe and welcoming surroundings, and with complete privacy and confidentiality.

We provide crisis intervention, clinical counseling, transitional housing, and violence prevention services and education. Individually we listen, counsel, educate, advocate, and facilitate your desired personal transformation. In groups, we teach youth and adults about healthy relationships, instructing on conflict resolution, domestic violence, and peaceful parenting.  We know that there is no health without mental health and that violence is learned and therefore preventable.

Family Service Agency of Burbank works to improve the quality of life for all people in a complicated society that stigmatizes those seeking psychological care and has minimized the impact of domestic violence on women, men, children, and our communities. We believe that everyone should be free from judgment and shame to seek the care they need. We believe that all should live free of domestic violence and all forms of interpersonal abuse. By improving one life, one family, we hope to improve our community and our world.


For every individual, a healthy, positive, and meaningful life.


To provide counseling, prevention, education, and advocacy to empower children, adults, and families to achieve psychological, emotional, and social wellness.


Good Health and Welfare:
There is no health without mental health. All people deserve access to quality mental health care and psychosocial educational programs and support.

Continually preparing to be of significant help or be useful to others.

Social Justice:

The right for all people to live safely and to realize their potential in the society where they live.

The states of being readily available, easy to approach, reach, enter, obtain, speak with, or use.

The act of holding disclosures in trust.

Is steady improvement, of a society or civilization: a believer in human progress and accountability.

Adherence to moral and ethical principles; soundness of moral character; honesty.

Management & Lead Staff

Alex Walters

Barbara Wright

Chris Krohn

Christine Ramos

Justin Maldonado

Karissa Provost

Laurie Bleick

Ryan Varon

Sylvia Garza

Taylor Foxhall

Clinical Internships

One of the primary activities of Family Service Agency of Burbank is the clinical training of students in pre- and postdoctoral Psychology, Marriage and Family Counseling, Art Therapists, and Social Work. Our educational mental health facility and program offers a uniquely diverse clinical experience. We maintain the highest quality supervision and training to prepare interns for their called profession. Call us at (818) 845-7671 to learn more about our paid and unpaid internships.

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There is a minimum requirement of a one-year commitment to our program. In addition, participation in individual and/or group supervision is provided with ongoing core curriculum training. Trainee and intern applications are accepted year round for placement in January and August. Doctoral placements are limited and applications are accepted year round. All applications are reviewed; students will then be invited to a group interview, and then a final individual visit. Upon program acceptance you will be expected to complete a summer orientation/training program. FSA serves clients days, evenings, and weekends therefore interns who are available evenings and weekends are appreciated.

The clinical internship program is designed to provide ongoing evaluation and enhancement of competency levels in your clinical knowledge, skills, and judgment. Clinical interns have daily access to assigned clinical supervisor(s), and your program administrator(s). They will be scheduled to receive weekly clinical supervision by assigned clinical staff, as well as opportunities to further refine existing ideas and skills. Structurally, the internships are designed to provide a comprehensive, organized sequence of training, direct clinical experience, and professional opportunities to grow in a mission-driven, community-based non-profit organization.

Internship opportunities and requirements consist of:

  • Counseling individuals, couples, and families
  • Crisis intervention
  • School-based youth counseling (grades K-12)
  • Co-facilitating clinical groups
    • Co-facilitating parenting classes
  • Co-facilitating preventive psycho-education groups for middle schools
    • Co-facilitating adolescent substance abuse group
    • Co-facilitating adolescent anger management group
    • Co-facilitating domestic violence survivors group
    • Co-facilitating domestic violence batterers treatment group
  • Co-facilitating veterans group
  • Diagnostic Assessment Training
    • Therapeutic monitored visitation
    • Residential Transitional housing programs:
      • Counseling battered women & their children,
      • Counseling homeless families
      • Counseling emancipated youth & young adults (ages 14-24)
  • Weekly clinical supervision
  • Bi-monthly educational seminars

Training Opportunities:

Family Service Agency of Burbank provides a comprehensive
training program working with a culturally and socioeconomically diverse
population. Students and Interns have the opportunity to gain experience in
multiple therapeutic modalities which include but not limited to, school based,
domestic violence, residential, and agency programs. Within these programs are
opportunities to provide individual, conjoint, family and group therapy while working
with clients ranging from ages 1-90.

Theoretical Orientations:

The theoretical orientations most often used in therapy are Family
Systems, CBT, Psychodynamic, Client Centered, Solution Focused, and Post
Modern- Narrative, Existential and Humanistic orientations. Consideration for
the application of a theoretical orientation is determined in collaboration
with the supervisor and therapist while examining the client’s presenting
problem, culture and need.

Intern/Trainee Qualifications:

Students must be Masters level or higher graduate program,
currently enrolled in a practicum class, and in good standing with their
educational institution. Interns must be registered with and in good standing
with the California Board of Behavioral Sciences (BBS). We are a placement for
competent, collaborative, professional therapists who are well suited to
working in a fast paced diverse community based mental health center.

Clinical Director: Supervision
George W. Holbrook MFT
Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor

Mr. George Holbrook, FSA’s Clinical Director, has been in the behavioral health field for over 25 years. He has extensive training and experience in the fields of education, clinical training and supervision, and general management and clinical program administration. Mr. Holbrook has spent over two decades serving the mentally ill and building a stellar reputation in the field of substance abuse. Since 2000, in his role as Clinical Director Mr. Holbrook has served as an executive member of our management team, directly supervised interns, provided one-on-one, couples, and family care, and lead a diverse group of professional clinical supervisors gathered to provide pre-licensed professionals on-going evaluation and enhancement of competency levels in their clinical knowledge, skills, and judgment.
Mr. Holbrook currently serves as the Corporate Director of Health Information Systems and HIPAA Privacy Officer at Pacific Clinics, the largest outpatient Department of Mental Health contractor in Los Angeles County. In this role, Mr. Holbrook is responsible for overseeing all Health Insurance Portability Accountability Act (HIPAA) activities, including complete agency compliance with Federal and State confidentiality legal standards.
Mr. Holbrook has also taught college level courses such as; the treatment of substance abuse, clinical assessment and interviewing skills, theory of counseling, and clinical law and ethics. We are grateful for Mr. Holbrook’s profound contribution and commitment to the quality treatment of FSA’s youth, adults, and families.


We are always seeking committed and passionate community volunteers to assist our staff with FSA of Burbank’s special events, such as our fundraising Gala and the annual CAREWalk of Burbank. If you’re interested in making a difference in our community, please give us a call!



Family Service Agency of Burbank
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24-hour hotline: (818) 845-7671

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