Transitional Housing

Family Service Agency of Burbank serves the community through three unique Transitional Housing Programs providing 24-hour care to families fleeing domestic violence, homeless families and homeless youth. They include The Care Cottages, Home Front and Linden House.

The CARE Cottages at Puerta Nueva

Families who are fleeing domestic violence may have an opportunity to live their dreams of a safe and nurturing environment at The CARE Cottages.  Families who qualify will stay in our cottage residences while they heal from the trauma of domestic abuse and seek a violence-free life. Each family will have a support provider who will assist all members of the family to identify personal, educational and career goals, and the steps required to achieve those goals.  Participants receive individualized intensive services specially designed to rebuild their lives peacefully, move beyond the violence, and achieve self-sufficiency.  If you are experiencing domestic violence, we urge you to call Family Service Agency of Burbank immediately at (818) 845-7671.

Home Front

There are many reasons why families with children may become homeless.  Home Front is a residential program where homeless families may be provided a safe and secure place to live within a carefully designed treatment plan to help rebuild their lives.  With the ultimate goal of becoming self-sufficient again, families will work with support providers to address the issues that led to their homelessness.  The intensive program includes learning how to take personal responsibility, set goals, honor commitments and value relationships.  If you would like information about applying for Home Front, please call Family Service Agency of Burbank at (818) 845-7671.

Linden House

A teen who is “emancipated” means they have been given legal control to assume all the responsibilities of adult life.  For minors who have become emancipated from their parents for various reasons, including young adults who have outgrown the foster system, and those fleeing abuse or neglect, FSA’s Linden House provides a healthy living space and the support they will need to successfully face responsibilities that may be beyond their years.  These young adults will participate in an individualized program designed to empower them with life skills for a healthy path to accomplishing their dreams.  To learn how to apply, please call Family Service Agency of Burbank at (818) 845-7671.