Batterer’s Intervention Program

52-week Batterer’s Intervention Program

Approved by the LA County Probation Department

The 52-week Batterer’s Intervention Program is for those who have engaged in domestic violence, want to prevent future violence, and are ready to learn to have a loving relationship. Most participants have been involved in an intervention or have been referred by law enforcement, but these classes are open to anyone who struggles with this issue. The program is designed to assist the perpetrator in the relationship identify abusive behaviors, unlearn those behaviors, and learn alternative and healthy forms of expression. Participants in this program will also learn more about the impact of abuse on themselves, their partners and their community. Reports are provided to the referring agency, and participants are assessed on their comprehension of the material as well as their ability to put what they’ve learned into practice.


After CARE Group

Created by client request – This group allows those who have met all the requirements for completion of our FSA 52-week Batterers Intervention Program to expand and practice new decision-making in a less structured group.  All participants are self-referred.