Art, Play and Sound Therapy

Art Therapy

Sometimes it’s hard to talk about what’s really on our minds.  But creating art can be a very visual and comforting way to express your feelings.  Art therapy is the use of art making by our clients who are experiencing illness, effects of trauma, stress, or challenges in living, and by our clients who are seeking personal growth.  At Family Service Agency of Burbank, art therapy is supervised by our  professionals and used with a variety of populations–most often with our youth, but also with the retired community, those with autism spectrum disorder, the chronically ill, and those experiencing trauma or loss. In more than 60 years using art in therapy at FSA of Burbank, we have found it helps clients with everything from gaining awareness, increasing self-acceptance, and processing difficult emotions. We are very proud of the beautiful works of art from our clients that grace many areas of our building, as well as on our website.

Play Therapy

Children often have a difficult time expressing their feelings, especially when they are troubled.  Play is fundamental in everyone’s lives, but children especially enjoy fun activities, toys and pets.  Family Service Agency of Burbank’s Play Therapy program allows children to play out scenarios and issues that may be distressing to them, and gives them hope as to what their future might be.   It can also stimulate their creative thinking, resolve areas of anxiety, increase their self-expression, and teach coping skills.  Supervised by our licensed therapists, children are allowed to work through many of their emotional issues through enjoyable activities in a safe, secure, and fun environment.

Sound Therapy

Sound is an essential component of our lives, but many of us take it for granted. What we hear is a result of an auditory system that is connected to most of our major organs, resulting in a mind and body connection.  FSA’s Samonas Sound Therapy is a program that gives us another window to the inner world of our clients.  It uses music, voice and nature sounds to help the mind and body achieve relaxation and stress reduction, positivity, and mental focus in order to achieve greater success in the areas of learning ability, motivation, attention, coordination, memory, organization, language, coordination and communication.