Monitored Visitation & Safe Exchange

Family Service Agency realizes that many relationships undergo periods when it is just not healthy to have both parties in the same room.  We also strongly believe that most parents do not intentionally harm their children physically or emotionally.  Most importantly, we believe every child deserves to have safe contact with an absent parent or family member and not feel pressure or fear.  FSA Supervised Visitation allows parents in high-conflict situations to maintain caring contact and communication with their children in our facility’s warm and safe environment, supervised by one of our parent education professionals.  The supervised visits will also provide support to the parents in order to establish a loving and lasting relationship with their children.  Safe Exchange allows the monitored visitation to be arranged by a responsible neutral party, such as an FSA representative, so there does not have to be contact between dissenting parents before, during, or after the visit.

FSA is a member of the National Supervised Visitation Network.