• Family Service Agency is COUNSELLING
  • Family Service Agency is PREVENTING
  • Family Service Agency is EDUCATING
  • Family Service Agency is ADVOCATING
  • Family Service Agency od BURBANK has been a CARING PRESENCE


Supporting the mental wellness and welfare of our community through individual, group, couple, and family therapy and other evidence-based treatment.


Protecting children, adults, families and our community through quality mental healthcare, comprehensive psycho-educational interventions, community education programs, and a commitment to well-coordinated community partnerships.


Transforming lives through the provision of clinical and peer lead support groups, curriculum-driven classes for individuals, couples, and families, and L.A. County Department of Probation approved psycho-educational interventions programs.


Envisioning a just world, Family Service Agency has been committed to social service, social change, and social justice for over 60 years. Family Service Agency was the first and remains the only agency of its kind in Burbank.