Student Care Center

The Mission of “The Centers “ is to provide students open access to an inclusive
confidential therapeutic environment, where they can receive
situational support, psycho-educational interventions and a bridge to other mental health care.

The centers help to lower stigma surrounding mental health by breaking down barriers to care and allowing students to self-refer for support.

The Center staff will be available to students on campuses daily 10-4, after school
hours, weekends, and during vacations byway of the CENTER’S designated cell phone, (818) 333-6239 and/or by directly contacting FSA (818) 845-7671. A clinical emergency occurring afterhours is best directed to local medical professionals or the Burbank Police Department Mental Health Evaluation Team.



FSA’s Wellness Center at Burbank High School



FSA’S Wellness Center at Burroughs High School